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Solar Fence Energizer S20
(Previously: PowerPlus S20)

Product Image: Solar Fence Energizer S20


  • Designed to operate outdoors in most weather conditions
  • Fully self sufficient using solar power to charge an internal battery – no external power supply required
  • 0.2 Joules of stored energy that allows the user to power up to 3km of multiwire fence or up to 3 acres of property
  • The S20 automatically runs a night mode where by the pulse rate is lengthened while animals are more subdued. This will extend the battery life and maintain good voltage on the fence during daylight hours
  • Can be mounted on a wall, on a wooden post, on a waratah or can sit on the ground giving the user the ability to use the unit for permanent or portable fencing
  • Large rotary dial makes it simple for switching the unit on and off and identifying if the unit is on or not from a distance
  • Impact resistant plastic lens helps protect the solar panel prolonging its life in operation – cleaning the lens regularly will help the energizer run more effectively
  • LED light flashes with each pulse to help indicate that the unit is going.
  • Internal 12V 5AH rechargeable battery included.
  • Dimensions: 90mm (w) x 100mm (h) x 70mm (d).
  • The expected life of your solar energizer battery depends on a number of variables:
    • The battery age expectancy is normally five years if kept between 0 - 30 °C (and with at least a 70% charge) at all times.
    • Battery life expectancy will be reduced if:
      • the battery is left unused for a period and allowed to self-discharge
      • the solar panel does not get sufficient sunlight (some regions have less sunlight hours). Again, this will allow the battery to discharge
      • stored at an extreme temperatures (hot or cold), causing the battery to 'age' more quickly.

Performance Characteristics

KM Multi Wire Fence: 3 Km
Size of Property: 3 Acres/ 1.2 Ha
Stored Energy: 0.2 Joules

Extra Information
Product Code: G35730

Warranty: 2 Year
Colours: Black